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Natural Linen Sewing Tape - Grey/White - 10m/pk
With "herring bone" weave that resists fraying.           ..
Starting at: $12.00
Natural Linen Tape - Frayable - 5m/pk
This tape is frayable for surface attachment to cover boards.        ..
Starting at: $6.00
Plain Mull 750mm width
Used for spine and hinge reinforcement.  Made from 100% unbleached cotton. Grade 24x20 ..
Price: $3.00
Hemp Cord - 3 ply - 10m
Made from 3 plys that can be seperated into smaller diameter cords or frayed.  Approx. 4mm diam..
Price: $6.00
Natural Linen Twine - 10m
This twine could be used as a base for endbands or as a thick thread.  Approx. 1mm diameter. ..
Price: $3.50
Beeswax - 25g
This natural product is ideal for lubricating threads. ..
Price: $2.43
Spiral Punch - 1.0mm-4.0mm
A spring-loaded spiral movement, rotates the cutting tip through materials.  The wood handle ma..
Price: $40.00
Awl - Fixed Point Standard
Wood handle.  60mm long point that tapers up to a 3.5mm diameter. Length overall: 150mm ..
Price: $16.00
Awl - Fixed Point Small
Wood handle.  30mm long point that tapers up to 1.65mm. Length overall: 110mm ..
Price: $14.00
Awl - Interchangeable Pinpoint
Wooden handle with brass jaws and knurled collar.  1.9mm x 50mm steel pinpoint is included.&nbs..
Price: $14.00
Awl - Stainless Light Weight
This light-weight awl is suited for thin thread.  Hexigonal handle so it won't roll away. ..
Price: $6.00
Bone Folder - Pointed
Made from natural polished bone.. Size Length Width Mini ..
Starting at: $7.50
Bamboo Folder
Size: 185mm x 25mm x4mm..
Price: $11.50
Teflon Folder
Slippery material, that reduces the risk of burnishing the paper. Size Length ..
Starting at: $25.00
Teflon Splitting Knife
Excellent tool for splitting layers of boards or lifting paper.  Thin rounded tip. Approx. S..
Price: $39.00