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#4 Scalpel & Blades
Made from stainless steel. Blades come in packs of 10 In North America, the #25A is known as t..
Starting at: $4.15
Scalpel Blades - Bulk - 100/pack
SAVE 15% - Buy a bulk pack of 100 blade Blade # Handle Size Description ..
Starting at: $35.28
#25A Disposable Scalpel - 10/box
10 scalpels per box.  Similar shape to the #10 but larger.  The #25A is also kno..
Price: $9.68
NOL-1 Olfa Knife
This heavy-duty utility knife is made to last, with solid components.  It features an anti..
Price: $12.50
RTY-2/G Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter
An excellent tool for cutting 1 or 2 sheets of paper.  The rotary blade cuts smooth and is long..
Price: $17.00
RB45-1 Olfa Replacement Rotary Blade
Replacement blade for RTY-2/G Rotary Cutter ..
Price: $7.50
DC-4 Olfa Blade Disposal Case
Safely break and dispose of Olfa used blades.  The press-release system ensures that the blade ..
Price: $6.00
Carpet Scissors
The offset handles allows you to cut close to a surfac Hot drop forged steel.  Black offset ..
Price: $32.74
110mm Scissors
Fine-tipped scissors. Material: Stainless Steel Blade Length:  25mm  Overall Length:..
Price: $8.00
Spring steel with fast-acting nut. ..
Price: $14.00
Spring Bow Divider
Hardened steel points with fast-acting brass nut.  Screw is located in centre of arm, to reduce..
Starting at: $18.00
Stainless Ruler inch/mm/pica
Side 1: Inches in 1/16ths and 1/32nds, Picas Side 2: Metric in mm 1.2" wide x .034" This sp..
Starting at: $12.00
Brass Straight Edge Set - 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1"
Save 10% Set widths are handy for quick cutting or layouts. Four widths in the set - 1/4", 1/2", ..
Price: $31.10 $27.99
Brass Strips
Use as a cutting straight edge.  The .025" thickness is great for slipping underneath the text ..
Starting at: $3.00
Stainless Steel Straight Edge
One edge beveled and one un-beveled.   ..
Starting at: $20.00