Delivery Information

**** Shipments to Canadian addresses only. ****

Our shipping rates are based on the weight of your order, and the rate will vary depending on where your package is travelling to within Canada. The majority of our orders are shipped via Canada Post. Your order will normally leave our warehouse 2-4 business days after you place your order. In the event of an unavoidable delay, you will be contacted. Please note that the date you can expect to receive your purchase is determined by the method of shipment and where your parcel is being shipped to.


Out of Stock Items

Occasionally we run into out-of-stock situations because of supply fluctuations. If we happen to be out-of-stock on a particular item, we will contact you.  As some products may come from Europe, please expect 2-4 week delivery time.  Generally orders are shipped when the backordered items are complete.


Damaged Shipments

When your parcel arrives, please take a quick look to see if the package is damaged in any way. If there is substantial damage to the package or your goods, please write 'Damaged' on the shipping slip above your signature in order to refuse the package and establish a claim. Please contact us to let us know of any damages within 7 days of receiving your order.

Safe Drop

At the discretion of the delivery company, items may be safe dropped at the delivery location when signature is not required.  George Hill & Co. is not responsible for missing parcels that have been safe dropped.

Shipping Terms of Sale

FOB (Freight on Board) Origin, Prepaid & Add